Tuesday, September 9, 2014

CCIE Route/Switch v5 GNS3 Lab: DMVPN QoS Profile (Micro-Lab)

Hey all!

Just a tiny lab today to cover one line of the CCIEv5 study guide: DMVPN QoS Profiling per-group from the head-end.

It's a very flexible technology that allows you to assign groups from the DMVPN 'spokes' and QoS policy from the DMVPN head-end (hub).

In this lab I've build a very small DMVPN which works perfectly, but lacks per-group QoS policy. You've been asked by your senior network engineer to add this, what she thinks will be a quick task.

Here's your topology: Go!

You can download the solved and unsolved lab here: http://1drv.ms/Zgmfpf. Try it yourself!

Please note that the 'solved' version shows a DMVPN policy which is different between each client DMVPN router. You could just as easily assign all client DMVPN tunnels to the same group, and control them all with the same policy. This lab shows how granular you can be.

Good luck!

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