Wednesday, February 1, 2017

GNS3: DMVPN with FVRF (Front Door VRF)

Hey all! 

I'm building up my iWan skills, and in the most recent CVD (Cisco Validated Design) for iWan, Cisco recommends setting up an FVRF (Front Door VRF) for each internet connection you have at a site. 

FVRFs allow your WAN routing to exist in a separate VRF from your internal network. There is security there, but it also allows for your default routes to the internet to not even risk being redistributed into your internal routing domain.

Now, I don't have access to any images in GNS3 to run the full iWan, but I do have images capable of running FVRFs, so that's what I've built here.

Download the GNS3 and Do It Yourself

There's nothing better for learning than building the thing yourself. Here's a completed GNS3 file with all features deployed. Please download and play with it yourself!

Files are here:!AliOPzHSO-Gng6BvZdB1wkuBgPnrFA

Good luck out there.