Thursday, December 27, 2012

About Me

Hello, World.

So.. why a blog?

I started this blog for two reasons. The most important of which is -- I have learned so much from many, many random posts online as I work on different systems. I feel I should give back and post my own revelations, tribulations, and solutions to tough and confusing issues so others can benefit from the time and effort I've put in. Not doing good -- just doing my best to even the score a little bit.

The least important of the why is so I can remember my own solutions.

Information wants to be Free

It's my deep belief that information wants to be free, and this is a small way that I can help. The world has become flat and cheap in terms of accessibility of information and the ability for someone to both learn a great deal and improve the lives of others, even at great distance. I hope to do that, and I hope this blog encourages others to do that, also.

Open Source Software Rocks

The sense of community, flexibility, and general do-gooder-ness of open-source software encourages me to use it and contribute when I can. I also work for a small company with a careful budget, so that type of software is great for our situation.

Please, contribute!

We all help one another by contributing. I'll doubtlessly post information that's misleading, wrong, etc. -- tell me! We, as a group, improve one another. I'll do my best to listen to posts and update my entries to provide correct information (and I'll do my best to attribute corrections to you!)

How to find me

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  1. Hey Kyler!

    This is going to sound super awkward for so many reasons but bear with me. I'm more shocked that I stumbled upon your profile then you will be of hearing this. So I apologize ahead of time if I creep you out, and I won't contact you again after this. I simply feel as though you should know.

    You probably don't remember me but back when you worked as a Geek Squad agent, my dad and I had a problem with our desktop. It kept hardlocking on us, seemingly for no reason. We had many theories, ranging from the hp software causing the problem to the mouse "since it is the only thing that's running when the computer starts up and it freezes" (that's my dad's theory! He's a little technologically challenged. haha) It ended up being the motherboard I believe. Anyways, my dad had to work one night and told me to drive down and pick the computer up myself. He also mentioned to me that "a guy there named Kyler wants to talk to you about your drafting software." I had Autodesk Inventor on the computer along with AutoCAD I think. So I drove down to pick the desktop up, not knowing what to expect and asked to speak with you. The very first thing I noticed about you was your personality. You were the nicest, happiest, most joyful and most enthusiastic person I have ever met! I couldn't understand how you could be that happy AND be at work! It made no sense to me whatsoever. I was so taken back by the way you spoke to me that I did the only thing I could think of. I responded without any sort of enthusiasm and said as little as possible to get out of the store with the computer. You asked about the software and a few other things. But I simply could not understand your enthusiasm. I spoke a little bit about the software and what I used it for but that was it. I just wanted to leave the place as quickly as possible. Now you should know I wasn't in the best mindset at the time, so your personality was quite literally the polar opposite of mine. But somewhere in the back of my mind, I envied you. I wanted to understand how one could be so happy and joyful no matter where they are. But most importantly, I wanted to be like that as well. It took me almost two years... it feels so much longer than that. It took me that long to break free of what I used to be and understand the reason I was that way. But once I broke free, I felt alive again. I felt like me. And now I am so much happier in my life that I can't help but feel ecstatic everywhere I go, even while at work! And I can't thank you enough for that. You've shown me a new direction in life that I can't help but want to share with others and show them the same thing.

    You are pretty much my unlikely hero. That's really all I wanted to share with you. I hope that you have not lost that personality of yours and that you share it with every single person you meet in life.

    Thank you for being you,
    Ryan D