Monday, September 1, 2014

CCIE Route/Switch v5 GNS3 Lab: BGP Pathing, Scalability, Summarization (+ BONUS MPLS VPN, VRF)

Hey all,

This GNS3 lab covers a breadth of BGP and MPLS topics:
BGP pathing and route preference
BGP scalability using route-reflectors and peer-groups
BGP summarization and redistribution
MPLS VPN config using a redundant route-reflector config and private VRFs (similar to what ISPs use to create private networks for their customers)
MPLS basic interface config

The 'unsolved' version (which you can download below) has the IGPs and IPs configured for both the ISP network and both the HQ and remote network for CompanyA, which has asked you to come in and configure the BGP portions. Because you also work for the ISP, you'll need to configure their MPLS and BGP, configure an MPLS VPN, and configure private VRFs to keep the company's traffic separate. It's a big job - get started!

The topology looks like this:

You can download both the solved and unsolved GNS3 lab here:!AliOPzHSO-GngbgZiNH9YSAZv6hbhw

Good luck!


  1. GNS3 lab link doesn't work. Please upload solved GNS3 lab!

  2. Hey Anon,

    Sorry about that, looks like OneDrive times out links, which is not awesome.

    New link:!AliOPzHSO-GngbgZiNH9YSAZv6hbhw