Tuesday, October 14, 2014

CCIE Route/Switch v5: Great, Cheap Labs Book

Hey all!

Been a while since my last post. I've been spending time doing these large-scale labs. A great one for those with a subscription to CBTNuggets (which I highly recommend), you can check out one of my earlier posts that goes over their full-scale practice CCIEv5 lab.

But once that was done I started looking for more practice labs for download, or rented lab equipment, and I found a few, but most are very expensive - $400+ for a few labs. If all the practice labs you look at are at that cost, it's going to be a very expensive practice for a very expensive test.

I've just finished all 3 labs out of Martin J. Duggan's Cisco Press practice book, and I have to say, they are very well done. Lab 1 and 2 are perfect. Most can be completed (mostly) with GNS3. There are, of course, some switching technologies that you'll need to either do on a real switch or rent some lab equipment for because GNS3 doesn't (yet) virtualize switch ASICs.

In any case, you can find this book here on Amazon for $86. It also includes a bunch of troubleshooting practice examples. Highly recommended. Please check it out yourself!

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