Monday, August 18, 2014

CCIE Route/Switch v5 GNS3 Lab: Policy-Based Routing

Hey all!

This mini-lab covers PBR (Policy-Based Routing), a super-cool feature that allows different hosts or subnets to be routed to different destinations. It's a great tool when you have some hosts or services which you'd like routed out a different internet connection, or possibly through a SPAN services.

Honestly, this lab is pretty simple compared to the series I've been posting, but I find PBR so COOL I decided to make it its own post. I also stripped out my own solution, so you are free to solve this one yourself. You can find the answers by highlighting at the end of this post. Hope you enjoy!

You can download the topology here:!AliOPzHSO-GngahR8F1LsAfLZ9MTfQ

Good luck!

access-list 92 permit
access-list 95 permit
route-map PBR1 permit 10
 match ip address 92
 set ip next-hop
route-map PBR1 permit 20
 match ip address 95
 set ip next-hop

route-map PBR1 permit 30
interface FastEthernet1/0
 ip policy route-map PBR1


  1. Hi Kyler
    your drive link doesn't work any more.
    Anyway i want you to know that: your archive is great!

  2. Hey Anon,

    Updated link:!AliOPzHSO-GngahR8F1LsAfLZ9MTfQ

    I'll update the post as well. Hopefully OneDrive doesn't time-out links, or I'll have to redo all of them!

    Glad the material is of use to you.