Thursday, August 21, 2014

CCIE Route/Switch v5 GNS3 Lab: EIGRP Named Instances

Hey all,

So EIGRP is a great IGP -- it's fast, flexible, and supports a ton of options to help you run your business network easily. Cisco works hard to keep that up. And in late 2012/early 2013, they introduced a mode to help make it even easier to keep EIGRP instances straight: Named Instance mode. It allows for names to be assigned which help sort purposes and keep things in order, and allows the 'old'-style of EIGRP instances to be 'nested' inside these named instances. It sounds confusing, but it's simple in practice.

I organized the lab like a problem ticket, ala the CCNP T-Shoot exam and CCIE route/switch.

The lab request: Amazon and Microsoft's Bing division need help. They are running EIGRP to connect their businesses, and need someone to configure it. One of their VPs heard about this great 'named' mode of EIGRP and wants you to do that. He has created the names for you to use, and wants your company to configure it. They don't care about leaking routes, and just want to get this working yesterday. It's your job. Go!

You can download the solved and unsolved GNS3 labs , as well as the image file for a 7200 router I used for this lab. Download that all here:

Good luck!

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