Thursday, July 24, 2014

CCIE Route/Switch v5 GNS3 Lab: Infrastructure Security

Hey all,

This lab contains a whole lot of layer2 and layer3 infrastructure security features likes ACLs, RPF (reverse path forwarding checks), snmp controls, etc. GNS3 doesn't simulate switching features as well as routing, so some of what I wanted to do I wasn't able to. Some of that is documented in text on the right side of the lab where it can be read and still learned.

These labs are all based around subject matter defined in the CCIEv5 lab blueprint. The full workup is here: (Cisco login required to view).

In any case, this lab contains an OSPFv3 IPv6 network bridged to an IPv4 EIGRP network, with these security features intertwined. I recommend looking at the requirements page and then deleting/renaming the local configs that I've uploaded. Then see if you can meet the requirements on the GNS3 file. Once done, compare your results to mine and see if we solved it a different way. Remember, there are always multiple ways to solve each problem, in real life and in the lab.

You can download the lab files and configs here:

Good luck!

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