Friday, March 21, 2014

P2P Open-Sourced Comm Infrastructure

1. People are everywhere.

2. Most (at least in first-world countries) own a smartphone that they bring everywhere.

3. Because of this, there exists a 'living' network of programmable mobile computers with long-range data-capable antennas.

4. An application could be written that uses these data antennas to communicate p2p.

5. If enough users opt-in, the need for established ISPs and TelCos is eliminated.

If non-repudiation and reliable encryption could be written as an open-source software tool that's easy enough for non-technical, crypto-smart people to use, we could:

* Seriously disrupt the business model of highly entrenched ISPs and TelCos

* Strengthen the communications infrastructure of the populated world

This is my new project. Suggestions welcome.

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